Best museums near Baker Street

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London is an epicentre of arts and culture, with numerous institutions dedicated to both. Those with a passion to learn about cultures from across the world will find London offers them the best avenues. The city is home to the most prestigious museums in the world, famous for their exceptional collections of artefacts and relics. Whether its art or anthropology, science or literature, London has them all and much more!

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Some of the best museums to visit nearby in central London are:

The British Museum

The collection of the museums exceeds eight million objects and encompasses human history, culture and arts through the ages. The museum is one of the most famous museums in the world with an unparalleled collection. It was founded in 1753 from the vast personal collection of English scientist and naturalist Sir Hans Sloane. Since its inception, it has grown and now contains the most comprehensive collection of items on the planet. Among the many world famous treasures found in the British Museum, the Rosetta Stone is perhaps the most famous. There is no admission fee to visit the museum.

Sherlock Holmes Museum

Sherlock Holme fans will delight in visiting the Sherlock Holmes Museums located at 221 Baker Street. While the address is not exactly as mentioned the museum bears the fabled address as part of its identity. It is among the most widely associated locations with that of the fictional character, which has enthralled millions for generations across the globe. The museum is managed by the Sherlock Holmes Society and houses an extraordinary collection of Holmes memorabilia, including personal effects of the character from the various TV and movie series. If you are a fan of the sleuthing genius a tour of the museum is not to be missed!

Victoria & Albert Museum

The museum opened in 1852, and named in honour of Her Majesty Queen Victoria and her royal consort Prince Albert. The V&A as affectionately known is home to the most extensive collection of decorative arts and design in the world. It is located in the trendy Kensington and Chelsea Borough and forms part of a trio of museums in the area. There is an impressive array of more than 4.5 million items. It includes rare treasures like artworks by famous English artists like John Constable and a priceless unicorn tapestry dating back to the 1400s, along with a massive collection of armour and other invaluable items. There is no admission charge to visit the museum. While on a visit to the V&A, two other fine museums to visit in the area include the Natural History Museum and the popular Science Museum.